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AIM Expo in Orlando is over, and well we did alright...

WE have TON of pictures and video by the mile, so if want to see it all please come to our website and Click here to see more!


Hey! We just got back from the BIG MITTEN Fair and Festival event at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan. we have a ton and pictures and video and as we get some of it done we post it if you don't see it today email us and will will give a heads up when it comes online. We have TON on line now so take a look. Click Here or on the BIG Mitten!



We also took a TON of pictures of the Bike show Click to take a look!

Bike show BEST of Show Winner!


We have started doing Sunday's Cool,. This is weekly adventure with REV Jim. We feature his comments and usual and unsual views on life liberty and state of motorcyle people in general. So be sure and take alook at whe we are doing and sign fo get it weekly. Everyone needs a little schooling fo rtime to time.
Click here to see what everyone is talking about!

    We will let you see our adventures at events and in the shop with pictures and video.     We all feel we have a lot to offer in building bikes and sharing online what we do. So sit back and enjoy the view @ we are getting started on this new adventure!      We will be listing our adventures on the site as we go along.       Our progress will be slow, prototypes and QUALITY does take time.

Thanks again,


Take look at our new Bike that won the Rathole Bike show over 1000cc Custom Class at Daytona Bike week in 2015. "Obsessed" indeed!





Yes indeed, your very own Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs bike Asain't Orange. We built a bike for the Discovery Channel's Cafe Racer Program, Asian'T Orange....
See the bike here


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