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Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

     Get ready to see our lastest creation...OBSESSED! and it truly it is a labor an and Obesesstion in details and work on this bike.

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The Asian't Orange

Preachers Hot Hot Cycle Design  
Preachers Hot Hot Cycle Design
This was the First bike we built for Cafe Racer on the Discovery Channel in 2011. We named it Asian't Orange. If you don't know, ask VET, he or she can tell you why and how a 1974 Honda motored Cafe Racer would be named this.

Rev. Jim Goodrich –
Preachers Hotrod Cycle Design

If Moses is remembered for parting the sea, Rev. Jim Goodrich will be remembered for parting the iconic Cafe Racer ideals with the completion of his RC Engineering Cobra Motor powered CB750 salt-flat racer comprised of Honda and Harley Davidson go fast parts all crafted by his hands in his private workshop. Having been around motorcycles and all things that go fast since he was 8 years old, Rev. Jim has established quite the following and a cache of knowledge when it comes to fabrication, design and engineering. Preaching the religion of speed he lifts his cane to the sky every day in the hopes of guiding the lost and wayward flock that is the modern youth in the motorcycle community.

Bike Specifications: 1972 Honda CB750 SOHC
Preachers Hot Hot Cycle Design

Frame: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Subrame: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Engine: 926cc RC Engineering Cobra (Highly modified CB750 SOHC)
Carburetion or FI System: Modified Keihin Carburetors
Rear Swing Arm: 2002 Kawasaki KZ600
Rear Wheel (Size): 18” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K& K Cycle
Front Wheel (Size): 19” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K& K Cycle
Steering Stabilizer: Hydraulic
Rear Shock: KZ600 Coil-over
Clip-Ons or Bars: Tarozzi (Custom Harley Davidson 39MM Frontend)
Seat: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design covered by Lance Upholstery New Port Richey
Tank: Stock Honda CB750
Rear Sets: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Radiator: N/A
Fairings: N/A
Tires (Sizes): Avon 18” Rear, 19” Front
Exhaust: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Polishing by Henry Canup, The best polisher in the Universe
Paint & Powdercoat: Matrix & Brothers Powdercoating, Pin-striping by Liza

Rev. Jim featured in Season 3# of Cafe Racer on the Velocity Channel in Episodes – 5, 6, 7 and 8


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