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This whole page and more is the all on my new show bike OBSESSED . This Bike is so for over the top on details that you need a week or two just soak in all this is the start on the little details on the bike. Before we get to the major look and feel of the bike.


Rev. Jim –
Preachers Hotrod Cycle Design


Take look at our new Bike that won the Rathole Bike show over 1000cc Custom Class at Daytona Bike week in 2015. "Obsessed" indeed!


Barnetts Magazine did nice a very article on the bike, take look, with pictures too!

Why this BIKE is called OBSESSED!....make you own washers to fit your own bolts from Stainless steel. Of course to do that you have to have make a tool to do it, set up the lathe...and ...and...and...

The polisher must have been unaware that you can see the back of an open belt drive when installed! I removed the Machine marks and layout Scribe marks by Block sanding after removing the chem dye I used for the hole layout. Then I checked it on the surface plate for flatness. Next I sanded with 800,1200,1500,2000,then 2500 grit wet dry and soapy water. I was going to use a white polish and finniish with red jewlers rouge before hand glazing> That 's what I posted and 2 builders straightened me out on the correct product use! GREY rouge for final machine polish of Aluminum. Then hand rub for final finish. I'll remove the tape and hand finish! came out Awesome . Thanks for the "Advice" Mike Lima And Reinhardt Goetez! Press on with Assembly! Always check your stuff before leaving when you Pick up your parts from chrome Or the "POLISHER"!

After below


 The final assembly of my Shovelhead project has begun. I've decided that every bolt that has threads showing should be turned and polished. the left is how they come from the factory. The middle , is turned and beveled . the right is the finished bolt even the last few threads are polished. I sized each bolt separately so no more than 1 1/2 threads show when tightened. I also turn the head, face it, bevel it, face it then polish it! OBSESSED!


Busy weekend. I installed the oil tank and side covers for the shovel head project. But first I had to smooth and polish all the hardware.The left side has the air shift controller housed in side. The Right side houses the electric breakers and switches. The electric will have two weather tight connections for easy removal. The wing nuts are drilled for safety wire. I have the battery box running parallel to the back bone to allow for more oil capacity. I turned up some AN fittings for (real) AN connections. I'll redo the cap to add an additional vent and dipstick. The Shiny piece on the left will be used for the grounds for the air controller and light connections from the rear. It will also act as a wiring harness holder! We posted the small plastic washers I made last week they protect the paint under the wing nuts. I would like to thank Mike and Steve from brothers Powder coating for the lacquer quality finish on the tank , Kevin from Tribbey auto body for the blacker than black paint and clearing in the awesome logo art by Liza The Pinstriper. off to film the Sunday's Cool Sermon on you tube! Then I'll check valve to piston clearance and finish the engine assembly! Press On!