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Guess who will be doing the test drive on the Asian'T Orange bike for the TV program Cafe Racer?

Rickey Gadson is the most recognized face in motorcycle drag racing. Appearing in every major print motorcycle magazine in his 25 year history and his “Back street to the Big Time” success story, along with his continued ability to cross over sport’s fans, “wow” the media worldwide, and garner fan attention unparalleled in the sport of motorcycle drag racing.

The Philadelphia native made his mark on Americana when he became the first Full time Factory Sponsored Drag Racer in history and then went on to become the only motorcycle drag racer to appear on the cover of all 4 major motorcycle publications.

Mr. Gadson has single handedly brought motorcycle drag racing to the attention of main stream media. His charisma and television appearance has launched him to the top of his sponsors marketing campaigns. He has also appeared as the star of KAWASAKI’s nationally advertised commercial as seen on ESPN, ESPN2, SPEED CHANNEL and FOX sports as well as anchored the company’s Social Media internet campaign.

Capturing nine (9) National Championships and finishing at the top in over 146 national events, Ricky has established his mark as the most successful motorcycle drag racer in AMA drag racing history!

That's Who...I would tell you more, but they would kill me!

See more pictures here!


In April 19th and April 26 2012 the start of Season Three. CAFE RACER TV is on the New Velocity Channel at 9PM EST on Thursdays

Photo Shoot with the Bike and Models! @Andersen Raceway Park in Palmetto, Florida.



Yes indeed, your very own Preacher's Cycle Promotions, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs (that would be us!) built a bike for the Discovery Channel's Cafe Racer Program.

Asian'T Orange....

Drum ROLL please!

Rev. Jim Goodrich –
Preachers Hotrod Cycle Design

If Moses is remembered for parting the sea, Rev. Jim Goodrich will be remembered for parting the iconic Cafe Racer ideals with the completion of his RC Engineering Cobra Motor powered CB750 salt-flat racer comprised of Honda and Harley Davidson go fast parts all crafted by his hands in his private workshop. Having been around motorcycles and all things that go fast since he was 8 years old, Rev. Jim has established quite the following and a cache of knowledge when it comes to fabrication, design and engineering. Preaching the religion of speed he lifts his cane to the sky every day in the hopes of guiding the lost and wayward flock that is the modern youth in the motorcycle community.

See more pictures here!

Bike Specifications: 1972 Honda CB750 SOHC

Frame: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Subrame: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Engine: 1000cc RC Engineering Cobra (Highly modified CB750 SOHC)
Carburetion or FI System: Modified Keihin Carburetors
Rear Swing Arm: 2002 Kawasaki KZ600
Rear Wheel (Size): 18” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K& K Cycle
Front Wheel (Size): 19” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K& K Cycle
Steering Stabilizer: Hydraulic
Rear Shock: KZ600 Coil-over
Clip-Ons or Bars: Tarozzi (Custom Harley Davidson 39MM Frontend)
Seat: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design covered by Lance Upholstery New Port Richey
Tank: Stock Honda CB750
Rear Sets: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Radiator: N/A
Fairings: N/A
Tires (Sizes): Avon 18” Rear, 19” Front
Exhaust: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Polishing by Henry Canup, The best in the Universe
Paint & Powdercoat: Matrix & Brothers Powdercoating, Pin-striping by Liza


More of the Photo Shoot with more of the Bike in this Video...Take a look!

More proof that Henry is the best polisher in the Universe! This is the seat pan not chromed, just plain ole polished aluminum!



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