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Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs


We do Prototyping to turn ideas into solid "flesh and blood" metal to test an idea or to fulfill a dream for your custom bike.

Made these fork spring adjuster/tube caps for a client. turning the allen bolt clockwise adds tension and counter clockwise softens it up. since the 35 mm forks are used mostly by old school café builders no one offers them. SOO...., here they are. Machined from a mechanical drawing I did for the production process. Watch for  test comments from the bike builder! We are working on these parts for retail sale. I will also have a detailed photo gallery from start to finish of these parts up soon!

Clcik here to see the complete set of photo's on the Great new part!


Today I cut down some Plastic washers so I can install the oil tank and side covers this weekend. This makes a super clean installation with no overhang of plastic sticking out. If your gonna try this, use a new sharp tool. The plastic melts pretty easy!

If your gonna try this, use a new sharp tool. The plastic melts pretty easy!




Click on the spacers to see BIGGER shot of them!

Making some tiny spacers for the Jims 6 in a 4 transmission for our shovel head project. They are .063" thick but have a larger od. They raise the top of the allen heads to the edge of the top and side covers so it doesn't look like they were forgotten. They act as a spacer, and washer and increase the load on the covers surface thus giving a more accurate torque value! nice visual impact also! Details Details!       


Preachers made this brake rotor adapter for our friends at team Scott Racing. Sunday's Cool W/ REV. JIM did a sermon on centerlines and this is what you can make if your part comes from center line drawings It's sitting on the mechanical drawing by REV JIM.


Putting the shovel head together. Since the polished hardware isn't up to my approval I made these sticks to hold hardware for polishing after I modify it or to simply bring it to Preachers specs. I turn the hex head bolts to .186 head thic...kness and I turn down the allen head bolts so they are perfectly round and have a flat top with a slight champher. you can see the difference in "as is " polished washers in the bottom photo. re polished on the left ,"as is" on the right. Details details!


Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

Click here to see more of this project.

Another one off piece from Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs. Space restrictions  mandated a custom coolant over flow can for Scott's Turbo Honda civic. Removable top  with twin O rings. the top is internally vented and has An fitting with stainless siphon tube. It's attached to radiator shroud also by Preachers.





Top motor mount with coil bracket and switches for lights, ignition nitrous with smoothed Dyna coils.
Built extra strong for big horse power engine.

Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs
Click here to see more of this project


Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

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Carb for Sinner Bike, done!         This carb will go on our new shovel project. We started with a brand new S&S super E. Sent that to Henry Canup metal polishing and it came back like this. Awesome! then we made bracket to hold the micro switch and made a mini bearing to roll across the actuator. Machined it for the thunder jet kit. That adds an extra air and fuel circuit. we also added a #6 AN connecter for the fuel line. We will add pictures of the air cleaner with polished backing plate later.

 Click here and see more!



Please click to see the more pictures of this project!

Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

Please click to see more pictures of this project!

We built this catch can for a Turbo Honda Civic.  We machined the tubes for AN fittings welded the fitting on then turned down the tube to smooth weld out.

Thanks to Dave at D&G chassis for welding it all together. We then polished it all to perfection.

See the cam cover we painted for this same car.

Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

Here it is! We made this rear wheel sprocket spacer for Dime City! Billet aluminum. extra material left for added strength! Doing it custom saves offsetting wheel even down to .001 thousand for perfect alignment!

We can also do 4 to five bolt pattern adapters. any thickness. eliminates stacking spacers!


Please click on pictures to see larger photo!

See the spacers we offer!

Please click on pictures for the full story!


Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs

See the Valve Covers we do for Honda racers!

We did these cam covers for two tuner cars. One is a stock one that arrived with some sort of paint or powder left over and had the lettering taped off. this customer said his part was ready for paint, we DIDN"T think so.

The other received An fittings for a over flow breather can we made previously. then we modified the cam gear opening for the adjustable cam gears and added a billet plug wire plate instead of the cast one. Both covers were then bead blasted (after taping to keep oil deflectors clean) then taped it all off leaving the lettering exposed for blocking  sanding smooth and then polish the letters.

We then removed the tape and cleaned the excess off with wax grease remover.  taped over the letter and used a D A to smooth the large areas and hand sanded the small nooks.

We then masked off the lettering each one separately . shot the sealer, sanded it, re taped the letters , shot the prime and hit it with 3 coats of color then 3 coats of clear. after drying I used great caution taking off the tape over the letters revealing the polished like chrome letters!   

Please click on pictures to see larger photo!

See the Valve Covers we do for Honda racers!



Welding and Cool Parts


Kick Stands...well we do them you never saw one of these!

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