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REV Jim's Sunday's Cool . A sermon each Sunday on things of interest to you our gentle reader of this page.


See all of our Sunday's Cool Craziness and more!

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Some samples are below...

REV Jim shows you how to help the Homeless...ADULT content! Not for the PC correct crowd...but you KNOW that already!


REV Jim and Ferrel Bernstein the biker Jewelry maker talk about the holidays.
Dec 7th Edition of Sunday's Cool!

Dec 1, 2014 REV Jim is under the weather and...Well, the lesson and Sunday's Cool must go here is the lesson for today...

It's the Holidays and we have a bunch of them coming so why not say Happy Holidays or what ever!


Sundays Cool with Rev. Jim and The First Church of the Apehangers and our Thanksgiving Special! The Whole gang gets in on this one!

Vote or you SUCK!


A clean bike is the key to heaven!

Sunday's Cool with REV Jim "Cheaters" and you know who you are...REV Jim tells it the way it is...


REV Jim visits with world famous Pin Striper Liza!



REV Jim explains the origins of the FCA (The First Church of the Apehangers) so now you know!

Here we go words do mean least to those that know something!


We have met the enemy, and them is us! Rev Jim's Thoughts on motorcycle truths, riding and the American way of bumper stickers.


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